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Sonoff Motion Sensor

A motion sensor which could then trigger other linked switches would be very useful. I would like to do a setup where I have a number of motion sensors and a number of lights. Any sensor should trigger all lights. Or each sensor triggers specific lights. Thanks

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Yes Jaso.   Problem is that the light would also come on in the day time as there is no timer/schedule function on the Scene.   A work around is to have the power supply to the RF bridge on a sonoff device so that it is only switched on during dark hours.

Das brauchen wir wirklich dringend !

Estoy muy interesado en el sensor PIR, ya que tengo farolas en mi jardin y me iria perfecto para que cuando alguien se moviera por el, se encedieran.

Not sure if this was all answered but motion detector has been working for ages with the Sonoff env !

You just need the RF Bridge and then use wireless ( 433 mhz ) PIR motion detectors and your good.

I have about 12 Motion detectors running on 4 Sonof RF Bridges and it all works fine.

The motion detectors cost about 12 - 16 euro locally in Amazon or you can buy then directly from china for about 5 Euros a piece ( takes about 4 weeks delivery ).

I turn on all my lights in my house using them, and to schedule the motion detectors I plug the RF Bridge into a Sonoff smart plug ( S20 ? ) and use the scheduler for turning this on an off which of course 

stops or starts the motion detectors triggering the "scenes" where I turn on the lights.

You then set your lights to turn off after 20 mins to 2 hours ( your choice ) and you have everything basically. Been doing this for about 3 months now.


I see Ivan has this worked out anyway. I do exactly what he suggests. 

You can buy a Sonoff SOC which will trigger based on Light levels and use this to turn on / off your 

RF Bridges, then you can trigger devices based on Sunlight / Sunrise & Sunset. 

The SOC is somewhat overpriced and has limited functionality but is very cool to use and look at. I use it

just to control my heating and the light levels.


My bridge is broken currently so can’t test this, but can you trigger scenes with the Sonoff remote as well as the sensors? It sounds like each RF Bridge can only trigger 4 different scenes? In that case, as one remote has 4 buttons, it is not worth getting any more remotes than one Thanks!

Hi David.   How do you arrange for the the lights just to stay on for a preset time period?   I can't think of how to do this!

You can also use IFTTT to switch on the S20 at sunset and off at sunrise - works very well with Sonoff devices.   Use the "Weather Underground" service to identify the sunrise/sunset.

The RF Bridge has a number of options, one of them is to define trigger "alarms" and these you bind to a PIR sensor ( motion detector ), and yes your limited to 4 sensors per RF Bridge.

I have 3 RF Bridges at the moment and have ordered 2 more.

As they also have a limited wireless range this works for me as I don't want more than 4 sensors in the RF Bridge range anyway.

Hey Ivan ! Very simple, the "loop timer", just set a time ( say 20 mins or more ) and select "off" as the

trigger option.

Your don't then use the "after" option at all.

This is effectively a countdown timer then. Works fine.

Thanks David - never realised that was how the loop timer works - thought it was just it's own loop (needing both an on and off as part of the timer).

Will have a play now - gives me some more options on how to use these great devices!

As I wrote, the loop timer

Its counter intuitive as you think the "normal" timer must be the answer, but I never got that doing anything useful.

The Looptimer is thought to be used for the "loop" but if you take out the "Loop" by not defining any "after" your just left with a "timer" !

Thanks David - I've just had a play and it works exactly as described.   

I have previously asked Ewelink for a "time" function to be added to the Scene functionality (so that in this case to be able to exclude daylights hours) - they replied that it would be included in the next revision of the App - we've since had two but it has not been implemented yet!   Still hoping!

They could conquer the planet with their wireless products if they got their shit together.

All the sensors and networking is their, they just need to improve the software and do about 10 big

enhancements, but we're not talking rocket science here, a mid level programmer could implement

the shit out of this in a couple of months. I really don't understand why they are taking so long.

By the time they are ready some other company will have taken their window of opportunity. Which is like "now".

There is a ‘countdown’ function on their website with screenshots. Just don’t know where it is. I understand a PIR sensor can trigger a scene, but can a sonoff remote button press also trigger a scene? It has 4 buttons. I can imagine two can be for alarm on and alarm off, but what of the two other ones…
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