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Garage Door opener status

A new product that would be very useful would be an Inching /Self-Locking WiFi Wireless Switch with 2 leads that could be connected to something such as a reed switch that would report back the status as being open or closed.  This would make a simple WiFi device that could be used on items such as a garage door opener.  I use a Itching /Self-Locking WiFi Wireless Switch  now to control my opener but having the reporting feature would be very beneficial. 

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I like this idea that Dee has proposed, why can this not be made standard kit, made available to operate the opening closing of garage doors and gates, having the reed switch connections would enable it to work on Ewelink without the need for flashing and using other software and coding, Meross have made one why Carn’t ITEAD ?

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Suppose they need enough requests for this.
Desired Application: Garage Door Using: Sonoff SV (standard firmware) and eWeLINK software... I know how to remove the two resisters to make a dry pulse relay circuit to connect to my garage opener button terminals. But, can the standard firmware unit also report a real time door reed switch open/closed state to eWeLINK? If so, what pins do I use on the Sonoff SV to connect the reed switch for state detection?. Thanks
Questions: Does anyone know the details of the board used in the Eachen gd-dc5, Garage door opener kit. I notice it has a reed switch for state detection reporting to eWeLINK (Just what I need!). How do they do the censor detection on their board? And is the relay circuit dry or can it be modified to be dry? I would be interested in accomplishing its capabilities in a DIY way.

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I would like to know as well so it can work with ewelink
YES!!!! I got my GD-DC5 garage door controller. It’s every thing I wanted! • works with my old Alllister garage opener. • wired state sensor, no batteries needed. • controller works in parallel with existing push button and old digi-code remotes. • I can say “Hay Siri, open garage door 1 + {my pin}” using iOS shortcuts and IFTTT. • I added an old android phone as a camera inside the garage aimed at the doors and linked it to the GD-DC5 button in eWeLINK. This was a super great, and inexpensive purchase! Much easier, better and less expensive than the chamberlain setup. I will get another one for my second garage door.
So looks like Itead can easily build it in
Got fed up of waiting of ITEAD and bought the MEROSS MSG100 Works fine £30
EACHEN GD-DC5: The good news: It includes a sreed sensor that needs no extra batteries. The bad news: It is not currently possible to monitor the reed switch separately from the relay switch trigger. So, this confuses IFTTT because of detecting multiple ON/OFF states for each trigger. This is just one more thing to consider when designing a DIY Garage door opener and sensor unit.
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