Layers 1 - 4
Material FR-4
Board Dimension (max) 380mm X380mm
Board Dimension (min) 10mm X10mm
Outline Dimension Accuracy ± 0.2mm
Board Thickness 0.40mm--2.0mm
Board Thickness Tolerance ± 10%
Dielectric Separation thickness 0.075mm--5.00mm
Conductor Width (min) 0.15mm( Recommend>8mil )
Conductor Space (min) 0.15mm( Recommend>8mil)
Outer Conductor thickness 35um
Inner Conductor thickness 17um--100um
Copper to Edge >0.3mm
Plated Component,Plated via Diameter(Mechanical) 0.3mm--6.30mm
Plated Hole Diameter Tolerance(Mechanical) 0.08mm
Unplated Hole Diameter Tolerance 0.05mm
Hole Space(min) 0.25mm
Hole to Edge 0.4mm
Annular Ring(min) 0.15mm
Aspect Ratio 8:01
Solder Resist Type Photosensitive ink
Solder Resist Color Black ,Green, White, Blue ,Yellow
Solder Resist Clearance 0.1mm
Solder Resist Coverage 0.1mm
Plug Hole Diameter 0.3mm--0.65mm
Selective Finish HASL, ENIG
Silkscreen line width (mim) 6mil

Note:  Buried via and blind via are not supported.