1.  After you finish the payment, please enter “my account” to check the status of your order list.


2.  Click “View Order” to enter your order and upload your Gerber file. Please note that file must be compressed in zip or rar format, and less than 2MB.

You can upload several Gerber files in a same PCB service by choosing different parameters of QTY. For example, if you have purchased three PCB prototyping service, you can upload a Gerber for one of them, and another Gerber for the other two of them.


3.  Gerber files status check. After uploading successfully, please target the cursor to the question mark which is on the right of status button. Then, the status of Gerber file can be checked in details. Currently, the Gerber file has five states:


Currently, the Gerber file has five states:

  • Cancelable: We start to lock and deal with the Gerbers the day before at UTC +8 9:00 everyday. Before the time, if the Gerber file is found wrong, you still have a chance to upload the file again after cancelling it. 
  • Locked: The Gerber has been locked. We have already started to deal with the order and you can not change the Gerber now. 
  • Processing: The factory has started to make production. 
  • Complete: PCB has been finished and ready to be sent out. 
  • Rejected: A problem exists in the rejected Gerber file. We will set up a help ticket for it in our support system. As for the existing problems, we will make specific descriptions and you can discuss with us on the support system. Please click “this link” to check the problem or keep an eye on your mail box. After modify your gerber file according to its problem description, you should upload a new gerber file again. 


After all the above steps are finished, you have successfully placed an order of PCB prototyping service on our website. Please wait for our workers to check your Gerber files and produce PCB. If any questions, we will update order information.