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Download the latest Nextion Editor :

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Now the latest version is 0.26.

Has been released!

V0.26 update List:

1, add new components: waveform, slider 
2, add new functions: 
- save before quit; 
- support all fonts; 
- compile error; 
- more... 
3, fix lots of bugs: 
- Nextion TFT keep sending datas when touched in sleep mode; 
- Nextion Editor layout get messed up in virtual machine; 
- more... 
4,fix some mistakes in grammar 
5, add new instructions to Instruction_Set 
- bkcmd 
- add 
- xstr


-ref 0

Now the latest version is 0.28.

Has been released!

V0.28 update List:

1, add new components: global variable, Timer 
2, add "if" statement 
3, upgrade font generator 
4, change default value of bkcmd from "0" to "2"

There may be a mistake or warning when you download Nextion Editor :"dangerous website" or "virus".

Please take it easy,there is a little problem of installer,ignore the warning and keep it safe.And we are solving the problem of installer now.

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Now the latest version is 0.29.

Has been released!

Update List v0.29 

**New functions** 

- Add double-state button 
- Add pop-up window 
- Allow users to enable/disable touch functions of components 
- Add sleep mode and wake up (ussp thsp thup)
- Add scrollbar for variables 
- Add support for 3.5" Nextion display 
- Change "print" instruction 

**Bug Fix** 
- Fix the slider bug 
- Fix some compatibility issues 
- Fix some typos 

- Remove instruction "cle_c", refer to "tsw" command.

Now the latest version is 0.30.

Has been released!


Update List v0.30 

**New functions** 

-Add instruction: cov 
-Add Component: Number 
-Add escape character support in Text component; 
-Add manual wrap in Text component 
-Add auto sleep, auto wakeup notification 0x86/0x87 


-xstr instruction 

Bug Fix 

-fix some known bugs 
-fix some typos

Now the latest version is 0.30.

Has been released!

**New function** 

-Add ISO8859 support: write your language now!

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New In version 0.33

Compilation Enhancements:

Increase the compile time code error detection tips, error tips can double-click the positioning code

UI enhancements:

1. Increase the control alignment

2. Increase the control multi-select, multi-select properties can be set after the bulk

3. Add del key to delete the selected control

4. Increase the control to modify the rollback operation

5. Increase the selected control layer top Ctrl + C (copy selected control) Ctrl + X (cut control)

Ctrl + V (paste control) Ctrl + Z (back) Ctrl + Y (forward) CTrl + S (Save)

System architecture enhancements:

1. Support Else support if else Supports any nesting of infinite level

2. Support to take the remaining operations (%)

3. Provide four display direction support

New error:

1C assignment failed

1D EEPROM operation failed

1E The number of parameters is invalid

1F IO operation failed

20 Escape character use error

Add Data Back:

0XFE Data transmission is ready

Add system variables (see the latest instruction set for details):

Rand (random number)

Sys0-sys2 (system built-in numeric variable)

Rtc0-rtc5 (RTC variable) Only for enhanced and above series

Pio0-pio7 (Extended IO) Only for enhanced and above families

Pwm4-7 (Extended IOPWM settings) Only for enhanced and above families

Pwmf (PWM frequency configuration) is only applicable to enhanced and above series

Added instructions (see the latest instruction set for details):

Rest (reset instruction)

Randset (random number range setting)

Vis (control hidden / display)

Cirs (drawing a solid circle)

Addt (curve data transmission)

Wepo (Variable Write to EEPROM) Only Enhanced and above series are applicable

Repo (read from the EEPROM variable) only enhanced and above series apply

Wept (Transparent Write EEPROM) Only enhanced and above series are applicable

Rept (read through EEPROM) only enhanced and above series apply

Cfgpio (extended IO mode configuration) Only enhanced and above applies

New in version 0.34

1. Optimize the user code area code copy and paste operations

2. Repair the initialization event can not quit after the dormant bug

3. Repair the picture can not delete all the bug

4. Repair the slider can not set the hig attribute bug

5. Fix Bugs / Press the bug where the Send Key Action is being swapped

6. Serial download speed prompts more accurate

7. Fix the conflict bug embedded with else inside else

8. Debug page Add calibration equipment RTC function

9. Simulator supports virtual RTC settings, and does not affect the computer system time

10. Repair the bug in the Enhanced Series User's stored data

11. Optimize resource file legality detection to avoid data error when power supply problems occur

New in version 0.35

1. Increase the enhanced large-screen drive (3.5-inch and above dimensions).

2. 3.2-inch screen to optimize the display color.

3. Increase the RTC "week" system variable: rtc6.

4. Repair the memory when using too much garbled fonts.

5. Fix the bug that the host emulator does not support the control pause refresh function.

6. ref_stop instruction to modify the usage, the implementation of ref_stop, ref command will not immediately refresh until the ref_star instruction when the implementation of a unified refresh.


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New in Version 0.36

1. Optimization of USART HMI host software image display speed and page refresh rate (upper simulation picture and page refresh rate increased by 50 times).

2. Add a scrolling text control.

3. Numeric controls and variable controls increase negative support.

4. Increase the number of character string detection instructions strlen.

5. Increase the xpic instruction (Advanced Cut).

6. Text controls to increase whether the need for automatic line-setting.

7. Repair the enhanced series can not touch the automatic wake-up bug.

8. Fix some screen buttons Touch the stuck bug when touching the edge.

9. Repair the old version of the problem in the power supply may occasionally appear illegal model bug.

New in Version 0.37

1. Two-state button to increase the text display

2. Increase the control event activation command (click)

3. Backup the old version of the file in the file name to increase the current version number

4. Optimize the control to hide / show performance

5. Optimize character display speed

6. Repair picq command exception bug

7. Fix the bug where the background control of the text control is displayed when the orientation is 270 degrees

New in Version 0.38

1. Increase the while statement support

2. Increase the for statement support

3. Add doevents directive

4. Add a check box control

5. Add a radio button control

6. Text control with text display type (such as text, numbers, buttons, etc.) to increase the character spacing property settings (future system variables in the spax, spay only the user's xstr instruction is valid)

7. Buttons and two-state button control to increase the attributes of word wrap

8. Curve control to three kinds of display mode (direct test can see the results)

9. Curve control to increase the clear data instruction (cle), and support to clear the data by channel number

10. Double-click the button in the edit interface to increase the val to 1 preview display


New in Version 0.39

1. Increase the text control to display the password function (that is displayed as *)

2. Increase the text control style selection (3D, flat, with a border)

3. Increase the button control style selection (3D, flat, with a border)

4. Increase the style of digital control selection (3D, flat, with a border) Wup = 255 (power-on default): refresh the page before waking after wake-up, wup = 0-254: refresh the specified page after wake-up (the value of wup) As the page number)

5. In the dormant state can also execute the following command: get, print, printh

6. In addition to the above three instructions, the sleep state can also execute sleep = 1, wup = XXX assignment statement, and support the host software online.

7. Since this release, any properties that modify a control in runtime are automatically refreshed, eliminating the need for a manual refresh instruction. (The original version in the modified non-bold attributes need to manually refresh)

8. Optimize the instruction resolution speed, parse speed increase of 20%

9. Increase the code editing area instructions and system variable highlighting

10. Repair the text control background color change Occasionally, an unknown patch of color bug

11. Repair control touch will still respond to the disabled after sending the key value of the bug (pop-up send key)

New in version 0.40

1. Repair the page initialization code when the delay occurs when the black screen bug


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New in version 0.41

1. Add code hints

2. Software design interface window layout automatically saved

3. Increase the system variables: dp (said the current page ID)

4. Repair the project properties when "the total number of properties is more than 65,535" bug


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New in version 0.42

1. Increase the simulation code debugging interface debugging function

2. Increase the control color attribute directly enter the color value

3. Increase the property editor interface color property of the color preview function

4. Increase the system built-in virtual keyboard (text controls and digital controls can be set directly in the property area of ​​the keyboard binding) (missing T is known issue in full keyboard)

5. Increase the page import and export functions

6. Increase the page lock function

7. Repair the computer without the network software occupies too many CPU resources bug

8. Fix the color selection dialog box can not save the custom color bug

9. Repair the value of a negative number to force the conversion out of the string more than a "0" bug

10. Repair the software to reset the screen layout of the interface exception (tool bar is dragged far)


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New in version 0.43

1. enhanced page encryption

2. wrong focus of the picture
3. blue theme crash down issue
4. gb2312 support
5. missing “t” in keyboard
6  a few more small bugs

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New in version 0.46 (0.44/0.45 numbering skipped)

1. add support for CPT Nextion (coming soon)

2. Optimize the upper software memory footprint.

3. add support for more encoding (BIG5, ks_c_5601-1987)

4. add instruction: substr

5. enhanced align buttons 

    horizontal spacing, vertical spacing the same, etc

5. Fix the \r bug that displays the error when the last character is newline.

6. add command for Waveform now can use variables  ie add 1,0,n0.val


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New in version 0.47

1. After repairing the number of pictures too many (more than 200) can not browse all the pictures of the bug.

2. Fix the bug that does not recognize the capacitive touch in the software online message.

3. Optimize the capacitive touch sensitivity.

4. Increase the serial buffer overflow error data: 0x24 (see the data returned to the format description document)