Download the latest Nextion Editor

Download the latest Nextion Editor :

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New in version 0.48

1. The numerical operation is incremented with, or, left, and right shifted (ie, & | << >>).

2. Add the length of the string byte test instructions btlen (with strlen different meaning, please refer to the latest instruction set).

3. Fix the bug in some cases where the capacitive touch detects an exception.


New in version 0.50 (0.49 numbering skipped)

1. Increase the serial data auto wakeup function (see the system variable usup for details).

2. Increase the project file settings Open the password function (open the project, click on the "device", click on the "project" to set).

3. The upper software simulator increases the EEPROM user storage function.

4. Repair the cut when the failure caused by cropping problem.

5. The upper software simulator interface increases the hexadecimal data input function.

6. Repair part of the old product "illegal model" bug.

7. Upgrade the system firmware encryption mode.

8. Upgrade the new 3.2-inch screen driver.