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3D model of displays

 I appreciate ITEAD taking the time to publish 3D models of bezels for the display, however, we're designing a case that will require a much more low profile bezel than the one available.

Is it possible to get a 3D model of the display itself that we can use as a reference to design our own bezel/custom case?

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I want to design some bezels / enclosures too. (Actually 7" LCD)

The provided bezel STL file does not fit exactly to the LCD. 

STL files are good for 3D printing, but hard to measure.

I could provide STP & IGS CAD files I´ve made of the given dimensions on iTead wiki & a separate email about thickness I´ve got forwarded from Itead.

If someone got the LCD already & could check my 3D file if there are errors?

Most important, to check the "active area" of the LCD, because I found a difference between the provided bezel and the drawings with dimensions.


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Can someone at Itead share a similar size specifications for other sizes? I need to design bezels for the 2.8", 3.2" and 3.5" screens.


I appreciate the heelp Geert, however I'm not looking for the 3D models of the bezels they have already designed, I'm looking for a 3D model of the screens so that I may design my own bezel. The bezel's from the wiki don't really fit for my projects.


As already told,- I´m pretty sure: The first measurements I´ve made on the 3,5" bezel in comparison of the position of active display was NOT correct.

I don´t trust these bezels.

Updated. Both 3D model of the bezel and the display itself. 

You can download from the wiki.

Tried to open the STEP files 4,3" & 7.0"Display,-  does not work.

File size 5KB only,- please check the STEP files.

I found the same problem with the STEP files for the 2.8" display. The STL files I could open, but not the STEP files.


I also tries the 3.5" display. It also has the same problem with the STEP file.



Is there any link where I can get the drawing/dimensions of the NX3224T024 for assembly on a box??

STP is not valid, it has errors.

Thank you!

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Rechecking of all the Bezel files will be escalated.

Please also update the models to include all components.

The 3.5in, for example, does not have the coin cell holder ribbon cable connector.  Also, all components should be shown so that we can build the design into a product without guessing.

It's very important to supply an accurate model, a non-accurate model as offered is more dangerous than no model at all.

Also, please provide in a valid interchangeable CAD format such as STP.  

STL files are not good for anything much other than 3dprinting, which is fine for the bezel however for product integration of the panel its self - no help at all.   Most 3DCAD and PCB IDE's will require STEP files.

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