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WiFi communication protocol

Is it possible to activate and deactivate the Sonoff by Wifi but without using the app?
The WiFi communication protocol is published?

Greetings and thank you very much.

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Currently, the DIY Mode for local control is available.

you can refer to the link from blow: 

Jerry Shi, for the four supported devices only. See table at start of that page.

topic of 4 years ago saying mqtt is coming?
in 20 or 30 years?

 If adjustable, increase the power of your router or remove interference between your router and your SonOff. 

Support IoTgo server is possible?

Can  two RM 433 control one device ?


I need the direct communication. Sometimes the server is not responding and than I can't switch my devices. 

Has anybody put an customized (e.g. ESPEasy) on the sonoff?

It is presently viewed as a fast wireless transmission of Ethernet services that are empowering smart communications device to interface with one another and the web. Being a wireless protocol, Wi-Fi standard uses the ISM band of recurrence which is allowed to utilize and require no authorizing. Visit here if you are facing an issue in your router Belkin Support

Espressif Systems has a user manual showing how to use the ESP8266 for Infrared IO using the NEC  protocol. X10 has used this protocol worldwide for about 40 years. It should be rather simple for Itead to add X10 RF IO to the Sonoff & Slampher devices.

Once/if a protocol is released a PC app would shortly follow I'm sure, and Itlead wouldn't need to create it.

If not a dedicated program I'm sure other Home Automation programs would add support.

I know I'd be adding support to my programs.

hi, iam working with wifi pqs pf indoor environments, how can i find my macs? i want to find mac addesses of wifis for my website.

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