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Dusk and Down control


A nice feature would be dusk/down on/off functionality.

Preferably with an configurable offset (with or without randomization).

Would be perfect for all outside illumination

Kind regards

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IFTT is really useful but hampered by sonoff/itead only making switch on & off states available for use. The SC gives some really good functionality and includes dusk as a trigger but as mentioned above the scenes are not controllable by anything else, even you manually pressing the button won't switch one off. I've raised it with them and hopefully we'll get some improvements but at the moments scenes are severely limited in the usability.
It would also help if Amzon were to incorporate a Dusk setting in Alexa. This would allow you to turn on the Switches via the Routine function. I recognise it is wishful thinking but I have suggested it to Amazon in the feedback option.

o  bom seria  progamar  o  timer  do  sonoff para reconhecer o horario am  pm e montar uma cena a noite 

I put a standard photocell inline to a Sonoff Basic device (called -Darkness).

When it gets dark, -Darkness turns on. I created a Scene in the eWeLink app to turn on the appropriate lights when -Darkness turns on. 

You just have to position the photocell so it turns -Darkness on at the right time.  

If it gets too cloudy/dark during the day, the lights go on and stay on.

I turn the lights off at a fixed time every night.

I named it -Darkness so it appears at the top of the list.

(60.4 KB)

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I have a Dusk and Dawn box that I have mounted outside. When the Sonoff 1 gang turns on by schedule the dusk sensor turns on the lamps if it s dark enough. When it gets lighter the sensor turns the lamps off. Towards the evening it goes on again and off as the schedule say so. There are a different in Lux between on and off at the sensor.It works great

Any home automation application can be programmed depending on the sunrise / sunset, calculated from the time zone. And you can add + - X minutes. I do not understand what Ewelink expects to improve basic things.

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