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Automate the sonoff wifi switch with tasker application for Android

 Hi guys,

could someone help me to configure the switches sonoof with tasker applications for Android?

it would be nice to be able to command our switches via pre-set tasker events, such as:
voice commands to turn on a light,
Through the phone GPS to turn on or off certain lights when they are close to home,
etc ...

I thought to proceed by studying the manifest of ewelink application and configure actions inited on tasker app, but I can't figure out what actions are useful for my purpose in the Manifest file you have any good advice?
Thank you

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Hello, I would like to send this proposal to the developers of ITEAD saying that it could be a big opportunity for your Sonoff product if you add the possibility to manage it with apps like Atooma or Automate.

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A year has passed.....Our desires are not interesting


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Try posting in the smart home/ feature request section. They appear to respond in that section. Whereas this section is just chat

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A plugin for Tasker is AutoInput, which will actually virtually click on your screen at certain coordinates of the display, text, or buttons that you designate in setup.  I believe it requires a rooted device.  eWLink app works well with this.

This would work much better if the eWLink app could broadcast and receive Android Intents.  The sending and receiving applications can be specified by the user.

Another development option could be the Tasker API (, which is  also mostly compatible with Locale, Automate, Llama, and others.

I much prefer to keep the "conversation" local (though I do use IFTTT, for one or two things). I find the shorter distance things have to travel, the faster and more secure (generally) things are.  Sales would *skyrocket* with Tasker integration, as there are millions of users, and the social network, as well as *many* plugins, are robust and active.  The nice thing about this, or broadcast intents, is the Android API would own the security part.  This integration would all be contained inside Android.

Please count me in for requestiing Tasker integration.  I do want to unroot my devices as soon as possible, but require my Sonoff-dependent magnetic lock on my door.

Thank you for a wonderful device!

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How can I reinstate a sonoff TH10 after it has been deleted?

Just pairing again @Dick

Tasker plug-in??

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It would be great to have a tasker plugin or a possibility to automate sonoff

unfortunately I do not know how to be able to help colleagues in the communication issue of Ewelink by voice command integrated with Tasker.
I know more or less that it could be possible with autovoice or autoinput, but I have no programmer knowledge.

I can suggest the colleagues who join TELEGRAM to the group Tasker Super Brasil, and certainly have found staff with good availability and knowledge to help.
thank you

How to get activate and deactivate the Sonoff via wifi if not wants to use the app? And the wifi communication Protocol is being Published or not? when you get an issue with you laptop. dont' be worry about it just contact see our site which provide the solution related to the laptop repair or pc any issue contact by email.

You can use webHook to create your own key and prepare URL to turn on/off events for your all SONOFF devices using WebHook and IFTTT integration. From Tasker you can call any http request so, you can call your WebHook request and that intern call IFTTT to turn on/off SONOFF  devices. Hope this will help. 

That will reduce time for sure nice advice, To remove technical issues, an automatic system play perfect role, i guess Facebook should also enable these settings for better user experience perhaps his some worst customer support.

I think, It could be a big opportunity for your Sonoff product if you add the possibility to manage it with apps like Atooma or Automate. You can check <a href="">Awaz-e Uttar Pradesh</a> for better solutions.

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