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eWeLink battery drain

When using this app on my Galaxy S6, it drains the battery in about 2 hours when the phone is idle.  As soon as I exit the program completely through the "Exit eWeLink" option, the battery drain stops and the phone returns to normal.

Please fix this or I'll have to return my latest order of these controllers.

After last update the drain is back Please amend the app it is not useable
Same problem for galaxy s7

I have been having battery issues ever since I started using the Sonoff devices and ewelink.  Some investigation today revealed that the app is not closing and eating up the battery in my S5 rapidly.  I will have to uninstall it until this is fixed.  It makes the app useless.

Unfortunately the same problem here (Samgung Galaxy S6)

The battery dies too quickly...

Solution : Delete app

What version of Android are people with battery problems using?  No posts for a couple of months so maybe the problem is fixed. Maybe Android 7.x will also fix your problem?l 

The problem is not fixed i have to kill the app Using android 7 on LG G5

With Android 7 it is possible to control how Apps use the battery when they are in the background. On my Android Settings it is called 'battery optimisation' it is an option (3 dots, top right of screen) under Battery in Settings. Also in the Battery section of settings you can see what Apps are using your battery.

The optimitation is properly set and I clearly see the drain level of the app

That is strange, on my phone EweLink does not show as a battery drain. I am using ver 3.1.6 on a S4 Mini with Lineage OS. But also no problems on an older ver 4.5 Android.  

I don't want this app running in the background - there is no need to do so.  How can I prevent it from running all the time?

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