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Sonoff Motion Sensor

A motion sensor which could then trigger other linked switches would be very useful. I would like to do a setup where I have a number of motion sensors and a number of lights. Any sensor should trigger all lights. Or each sensor triggers specific lights. Thanks

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Hmmmm Sonoff DEV + PIR brick?

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Thank you for your sugestion but i think people needs a sonoff like TH10 not with temperature sensor, with a PIR sensor. We need the itead cloud, alexa and your good and easy application. All we need is a sonoff with a PIR sensor that can trigger one scene (like sonoff TH10 triggers other sonoff devices). This would be easy for every one to install a reliable PIR sensor for his smart home, or his business.

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Yes. I need original itead software with a PIR sensor. I need them for outdooor lights, for my bathroom,WC and my kitchen. I also want ot use them for alarm and other options. This would be a very good product to your sonoff series. All people have those needs for their smart home projects.

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Definately need these in a home automation system.  Combine PIR sensors in hallways with a relay/timer = energy saving

These would sell very well...

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it is necessary for more scenes

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we need original itead software with a PIR sensor

Motion detected -> light goes on ( can set timer )

Motion detected -> Alarm on ( can set timer )

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PIR and also Magnetic door/window sensor for home security. Again, Broadlink has quite complete range on these.

This would be great - bought a few RF PIR sensors but none of them pair with the RF Bridge - very frustrating

From my understanding the RF Bridge with PIR or Door sensors can currently not trigger Scenes. That's a pity as this would do exactly what users are requesting here. It should also be easy to implement. All of a sudden it would make me buy 18 door sensors, 8 PIR sensors and 2 RF Bridges to start off...

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I new to all this so not sure if I'm understanding wrong.... Can you use an RF motion sensor, then link this sensor to the Sonoff RF/Wifi bridge? My understanding is that when paired with the bridge outdoor RF sensors could be set to trigger light or lights (as a scene). Each sensor could trigger all, some, or one of your lights. I think!!
It is very easy to make a Sonoff motion detector.
1. Purchase a PIR detector on eBay at 2 -5 us$
2 Purchase the Sonoff switch at 5us$

3 Then you connect the Sonoff to be powered by the PIR detector
4 In the devise setting for the Sonoff set Power on state to ON
5 Program a Scene where this switch trigger whatever you want


Has anyone tried the Sonoff RF for scenes yet? I wonder if the new app solves this?

Tried the scenes and this now works. just a shame only 4 alarms can currently be triggers per bridge
Hi Cedric, When you say you tried the scenes and is now working. Can you use the PIR to trigger a light to switch on?
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