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Sonoff Motion Sensor

A motion sensor which could then trigger other linked switches would be very useful. I would like to do a setup where I have a number of motion sensors and a number of lights. Any sensor should trigger all lights. Or each sensor triggers specific lights. Thanks

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Yep it can. I don't use that myself. You can bzy a sonoff remote for this as well

Of course. Anything connected to the RF Sensor can trigger a scene.

Can you have a single Alarm to Scene link or does it allow different alarm/scene combinations? Thanks!

Nope it doesn't at the moment which sucks.

I have 3 Pirs ( motion detectors ) in my basement which all trigger the 1 "scene" but as the

scenes only allow 1 device trigger I have to add "3 scenes" to do this.

Its stupid and a waste of time and effort and makes everything overly complicated.

Now that wasn’t what I would have expected. Have you tried connecting any scenes to devices linked to IFTTT? That would allow an indirect route to an e-mail or adding data to a google spreadsheet etc. I would also think motion seen during normal hours and at 3am would be different & can see how to do it with Apilio or Stringify if there were an ifttt connection. It would also allow an auto off timer to be added.

I have. Obviously IFTTT can do quite alot but thats a whole lot of frigging around I'd prefer

to avoid. I've tested all the IFTTT sonoff scenarios available and its nice but adding yet another

app, yet another layer to an already complex situation is something I'd prefer to avoid.

IFTTT doesn't show all the devices and whether they are on or off and all the tailored interfaces like

the SOC and S16 etc so now you have to use 2 interfaces. 

In terms of programming its not rocket science for EWELINK to add this extra functionality, so thats

a better options. 

This idea of burning new ROM's and using all the open source options is always there, but again, I'm

not looking to make this a full time hobby rather setup it up quickly and then use it.

Agreed, they should just add an IFTTT On trigger for each Alarm. I can see why they might not want to do so in the other direction or might be reticent about allowing every single input, but for alarms it just makes obvious sense. My suggestion is just a current bodge for getting to IFTTT from an RF alarm via an already present switch. I haven’t done custom firmware yet either. I am waiting to see what happens with local control, but yesterday I read on their support it was only available for Android & I don’t know if they are planning it for iOS too. As regards the on/off polling I use Boolean on for the relevant devices. Switching on turns it true and off sets it false. Extra level of hassle though. IFTTT should just incorporate all the functions of Apilio/Stringify.
Yes a PIR sensor but must have MQTT in it's firmware configurable from eWeLink and so to enable local server control too, such as with OpenHab integration. Best of both worlds! Then you could trigger from zone presence. Would be awesome! However wifi + PIR sensor electronic reliability together seems to be tricky interference. There seems only a couple of community experiments where they have worked many options to findd a reliable and stable electronics combination. I can look those references up if ITEAD or anyone else is interested.

Thanks David! Finally got it to do what I need. I plan on using this to energize a contactor that feeds power to my well pump. Scenario is that if the PIR is triggered, the well pump is enabled for 30 minutes. If the PIR is not triggered, i.e. no one home, after the last trigger event + 30 minutes the pump will remain off. The objective is to mitigate a water leak when I am away from home; the only water that will leak out is that which is pushed out until the pressure tank bleeds down. - Scotty

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Hi, I’ve just struggled doing this, finally works. I have my rf bridge plugged into sonoff s20, that is linked to ifttt which turns it on at sunset and off at dawn, making it only able to take commands from the pir between those times. Then my PIR/motion sensor is set to turn my outside lights on, which are on a sonoff wall switch. Then I have a countdown set on the rf hub, button 1, to press, which I have set to turn the outside lights off. Separate to this is have used stringify and iffttt to turn my outside lights on for five minutes based on it being nighttime and my location from my iPhone to a 1000ft, then it’s set to turn the off from a stringify timer, it’s woks a dream.

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Hi Would be very nice! Example: Motion detected -> light goes on.

the  best will was  to close the sonoff basic after time eg 20 sec ,

how take this?

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Or I suggest a better solution is for the Sonoff RF firmware upgrade to support local MQTT server support so you can use Node Red or OpenHab to devise your own rules and any RF PIR paired with it. Also need all other Sonoff devices to support local MQTT server so they can be controlled with complex rules through Node Red or OpenHab.

yes,i agree with singhforceone the support sonoff for the updated firmware on sonoff and all devises to will have better possibilities on scenes between all that machines as one best timer between them.[i explained above my problem]



Perhaps my bad explanation.

I want when will opens the light [from door alarm and bridge] after eg 10 sec to will close the sonoff basic so when opens a door again will opens again the light.

my problem is to close the sonoff basic without my helping [app ] but perhaps with a timer on the sonoff basic.

All will were ok if the sonoff basic had posibility to stop with internal timer.


I've got the PRI switching a light on but can't see how to make the light then go off after a set time? any suggestions?

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