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Sonoff Switch Pairs but will not connect to WiFi

After Successful pairing and Renaming the device it does not connect to wifi and Green light keeps blinking, tried to delete and repair but no luck.

One device is connecting and another - Does not.... :( 

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Thanks for the advice kevin.. unfortunately my orbi doesnt like to work with sonoff, or me for the record.. Now the device says I must use 2.4ghz. I've tried to go into my Orbi and try to set channels, auto channels, re position of router and Satellite, and still not working.

My device had the exact same problem after upgrading my modem/router, and I tried everything suggested here on this forum, wasting 7 hours yesterday.  Giving up, I ordered a new device from another manufacturer last night.  However, I finally got my old device working this morning, so I joined this forum just to explain.  I deleted the device from ewelink app again, but this time I chose the menu option to scan the QR code, which I found on the original box.  The app scanned the code, and tried to process it, but failed with "Invalid QR code".  I tried this multiple times.  I gave up on QR code idea, and simply tried pairing the same way I already did dozens of times yesterday.  Unbelievably the device connected normally after paring and registering.  Therefore, one of these things made the difference:  1) scanning the QR code somehow reset something on their server?  2) waiting 24 hours before trying again somehow reset something on their server?  3) their server somehow detected that I had ordered a better device and decided to cooperate before I threw their old device in the trash?  My story is #3 and I'm sticking to it =-)

@D McMullan, What kind of router are you connecting too? I am using netgear orbi50 with orbi Satellite. It's hard for me to designate a 2.4 channel to directly connect. My current situation is when trying to connect, so off says it will not connect to 5 only 2.4,,,,, here we go again.
Fortunately for me, my new Netgear AC1750 allows me to name the SSID for 2.4 differently than the SSID for 5, so they both show up in the list of detected Wi-Fi, therefore I can choose either one depending on the device I'm pairing. Of course for the ITEAD switch device, I chose the SSID for 2.4.

The problem is underscores in the ssid, once you remove the underscore you will be able to connect, also do not have spaces in the name, my old ssid was ASUS_88U_2G and i was unable to connect, once changed to ASUS88U2G i connected straight away.

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