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Sonoff Switch Pairs but will not connect to WiFi

After Successful pairing and Renaming the device it does not connect to wifi and Green light keeps blinking, tried to delete and repair but no luck.

One device is connecting and another - Does not.... :( 

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As some others reported pairing went o.k but the sonoff  TH10 unit would not connect to the wifi, Stuart Shaw suggested a method on this page which included turning of the router security setting, i did that and my  TH10 worked as it should !!.

I realised then it was a security issue I rechecked my setup of the ewelink on my android phone and found that the router wifi password on ewelink had an uppercase letter at the start(damn predictive text) whereas my wifi password is all lowercase .

I changed that password on ewelink to be all lower case and all is working , my thanks to STUART SHAW for pointing the way

I have about 15-20 Sonoff products and just recently bought some new ones. Never had a problem before... but now - definitely impossible for me to get the new ones working.  Since the old ones are behind a lot of switches everywhere in the house - I feel that is not an option to try to  re-configure them. The old ones are actually working very good! This is why I humbly ask for some support. 

The products I am trying to get working now are Sonoff S26 and Sonoff Mini. However, I run IOS and Google Wifi. 

I have tried to keep the connection to "Itead-XXX" by clicking on it as one proposed, I haven't found where to disable the security settings at the Google Wifi app. Nor at the phone. It loggs in beautiful at my wifi as usual.

But - using compatible mode, I can connect to the product, it finds it, states the brandname, then Registering for 1 sec to get to "add the room name/My device". It does not get green. Blinks green once every 2 second. Then at the Ewelink app, it states "Offline". Forever... :)

Please guide me, Gents, before I loose my mind! :-)

BR /Ola

"Michael Besse

Yes 3.1 i've seen it. 

Yes if you can connect to your iTeads you can change them. the problem has been when people have deleted them in the app whilst not connected to them. IE if their router has broken. 

When you connect to an Itead for the first time, it's your phone thats talking to it direct, not your home wifi. The phone or tablet then tells the itead what wifi it should connect to. The problem for people who have changed their wifi router, is that the phone telsl the itead to connect to wifi that no longer exists. What people are not noticing is that their phone changes wifi half way through the setup process, and talks to the iteads wifi network direct. If the preferred wifi network on your phone is still the old one that no longer exists the phone will still tell the itead to connect to it. "

Ola Hansson

A quick way but not the most convenient, is to just register another email address with your ISP and then register another account with Ewelink using the new email. You have to push the pair button, but a new account will find them straight away. 

I just registered another email address that i use for nothing else. 

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