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go to a screen before going to sleep

hi. I have a problem like this:

I sleep with my thsp command. When I touch, I wake up to the page I want with the wup command. But I want to go to a screen 10 seconds before sleep and sleep like this.

how can I do that? Thanks for your help


sorry, but your "problem" is not clear ... what do you exactly like to do ...


First of all, my sleeping codes are as follows:

thsp = 60 // sleep after 60 seconds

thup = 1 // wake up after 1 second when touching screen

wup = 16 // go to page 16 when wok


I want it like this:

when the screen is not touched

1) Go to page 16 after 50 seconds

2) even when you are not touching the screen while page 16 is on,

3) go to page 16 while the screen wakes up


How can I do these steps?

    - sleep is sleep is sleep ...
    - no action without interaction while sleep ...


In short, I want to do the following:

If the display is untouched within 50 seconds, go to page 16. If the screen is not touched in 60 seconds, the screen goes to sleep mode. :-)

You already defined the steps in stating your requirement

 - if the screen is touched at 52 seconds, just before sleeping

   it will be on "page 16" as you desired 

Now you only need to implement what you spec'd as requirement

Since a waveform or radio button component can't assist,

 - there is only one component Nextion side that can be used 

Or it can be implemented MCU side

how can i do it .

I need to go to page 16 if it is not touched for 50 seconds.

When I set thsp = 50, it sleeps if the screen is not touched in 50 seconds.

I'm still waiting for your answers :)

sorry, but this is a public forum. There is no legal claim for any answer ...

answers are voluntary ... and begging for will surely reduce the chance to get one ...


during the time you wait, did you try any on yourself to do things by yourself, or you just wait until somebody spend his spare time to do your things?


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