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Old file

What will happen with the old Nextion gallery or other software, tips and tricks posted on the old forum ?

They will be lost, or transferred to new forum ?

Hard to say at the moment

- it would be nice to preserve some

- some is indeed old.

We are now at v0.50

 - content from v0.16 is too old

   support for below v0.26 was discontinued in v0.38

 - content from v0.32 is now being deemed too old

   support for below v0.33 is being decided

I think the opportunity here is to have fresh material

 - that is both current and relevant to current versions.

Certainly I wouldn't want to transfer 200+ threads of 

  "How to send text" to Nextion

That just got out of hand, and turned into "debug and fix my code for me for free"

Questions in Bug Report that weren't bugs

  - not understanding your Arduino doesn't make it a bug.

Questions in Feature Requests that weren't feature requests or anything serious

 - "streaming video" for Nextion ... not serious for an 8k/64k mcu

    - nor for a Human Machine Interface.

Convoluted coding solutions and examples

 - very distracting to someone new to Nextion

 - it stemmed from an era where the command set was limited

   not the case in v0.50 and 120 lines to create a substr is not needed

   when the command set now has a substr function

Many items were people not reading the documentation

 - for a while I played librarian - wrong manner going forward

Many people not reading what was already written

  - so the same question over and over

Posting about an issue because DataSheet not read

Posting about an issue listed in FAQs

Posting about issue when Instruction Set described

 - perhaps, these need not be transferred.

So whatever may transfer, should be indeed selective transfer.

Or the community has an opportunity to make better items

- surely better is more achievable with a better firmware in v0.50

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Thank you very much for update


A suggestion would be to live the old forum alive as it is, BUT, to disable new posts or comments.
The old forum has a lot o info which it might be necessary..
I did a search on VIS on the new forum and returned NONE.
The same search on the old one returned many.
This is my opinion .


 2 years ago you also couldn't find any info about here. That's only a matter of time that such information will be available on the new forum too ...

even a ""read only" forum somebody must pay for ...

Yet vis is in the Nextion Instruction Set on the new Nextion site.

I might argue that the "vis" information you found here

may have led to your improper logic flow.

Such dated answers originating from old firmware?

 - perhaps is less productive then fresh thought.

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