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Firmware version 1.6.0 ???

My Sonoff basic switches updated firmware to 1.6.0 yesterday.  I have looked everywhere I can think to but didn't find a changelog anywhere.  What is new or fixed in this firmware?  Is there a list or notice somewhere?

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I can't find anything either, have you considered raising a support ticket in light of the lack of information?

I suspect it would do no good.  That information should be posted publicly and not require a support ticket.

Upgrade fails miserably, how do you upgrade your ewelink device when there is no help
One of my switches was able to upgrade to 1.6.0 about a month ago. My second switch failed at 90% or 6%, tried at least 10 times. Since today, the upgrade for 1.6.0 doesn't show up at all. @itead: did you cancel it?
I still can't upgrade my one device, keep a going to 90% and then get upgrade failed. Did anyone find a solution to this problem?
I have the same problem

can you downgrade ? i have one with version 2 on and it doeswork but also have one with version 1.6 and works fine

Il mio device suggerisce di aggiornare il firmware da 1.5.5 a 1.6.0. Purttroppo non riesco, dopo ripetuti tentativi con a fallire l'upgrade. Aiuto

Impossible connecter iPhone à Sonoff avec E-WeLink quelqu’un a t’il solution Merci
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