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Sonoff S20 v1.3 Header

The latest version 1.3 of the S20 does not have any way to remove the PCB for soldering a header to be able flash the device with custom firmware. See attached pic. Any ideas on how to put in a 4 pin header without soldering?

Hi Taylormia, I've just some similar sockets (CN/AU variant) and have the same issue - I'm going to embark on building something like this:

I'm not very experienced with soldering, but I presume another way would be to sort of surface-mount some headers carefully (solder so the plastic of pin headers are sort of "floating")

If your Sonoff device has firmware below version 1.6 you can use SonOTA to upload Tasmota firmware to the device via WiFi - removing the need to solder for flashing. Here's the link: If you use HomeSeer home automation with the Sonoff device, I have written a guide on how to integrate it after the SonOTA firmware upload:


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