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RF433 Bridge do not learn...

Hi to all,

my RF433 Bridge do not learn the "ON"-Code of my Remote...

I create a new RF with 2 Buttons

Long Tap on Button2 - press OFF on the Remote = double beep - OK!!!

Long Tap on Button1 - press ON on the Remote = = double beep - then Timeout.....

Another Remote..... double beep - then everytime Timeout

Another Remote..... double beep - then everytime Timeout

Why do i get the double beep but often no OK (only get Timeout)



3 people have this problem

Anyone fixed this issue
Still not working.... can’t add doorsensors, app hang in learning mode. No reaction on my support ticket.... Getting a joke
I had the same problem. I opened the bridge inside you will found a switch. That one in switched more them 30 times. And after that it was working.
What you mean 30 times? Did you flick the on off switch inside the bridge 30times to make it work?
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