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Connecting Sonoff switches to a mesh network

Im currently using the Engenius EMR3000 kit mesh router and i am unable to connect the switches to be paired to the app. Anyone knows how i can do it? Can switches even be connected to Mesh Routers? I have attached a picture of my Wifi settings.

Remark: I don't need to turn off any Deco M5 unit during mentioned pairing mode...

I have some of my sonoffs connected to a wirelessly uplinked unifi accesspoint which is as close to a mesh as I am prepared to go, and they seem to work just fine.

I had the same issues connecting to a Tenda Nova MW6 mesh network. Tried to select a 2.4ghz channel using wifi analyzer but it just would not switch from the 5ghz channel. Then I had a brainwave! Dug out a very old Sansung phone, installed eWelink and could connect to 2.4ghz no problem! The Samsung phone did support 5ghz but seemed to prefer 2.4ghz for some reason so problem solved.
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