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Ability to downgrade firmware


I'm one of the maintainers of the opensource project , however with the latest release there appears to be certificate pinning (or similar) happening. This means that users can only upgrade the firmware in the Sonoff devices if they open it up, and solder in headers.

Using this OTA method users could get all of the benefits of an open platform, without the the need to open up the device and solder etc.

To allow customers to still do this, it would be great if you could either, provide a way of having an alternative update server (with no certificate pinning), or allow using to downgrade to previous versions of firmware that did allow SonOTA to work.

Your help is appreciated to allow every to benefit from the open platform.

Thank you.

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Please make it happen

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Please Itead, make this happen, Thank you.
Kind regards



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test two sonoff touch few month ago and it was perfect. now i order 11 more t1 and its not work because of new "locked" firmware. now i can cancel my project and sold them...

option to use custom firmware is "must have". i need tasmota fw for mqtt and control with home domoticz server. its useless to use ewelink - for example, if you have devices from 5 manufactures, you need 5 different apps and still switch between them - this is not smart home but its dumb + not everyone want to share home with 3rd party and we can't know, how long ewelink works. if we can't flash own fw and ewelink shut down in future, we can move all our devices to trash bin.

if sonoff start to be closed solution, its will be very bad decision

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Would be great to get OTA possibility back.

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I started a home automation process and have tried many type of devices from many brands. I was excited when I found the affordable Sonoff-devices and decided to give them a try. All of my devices support Homekit either directly, with a separate bridge, or with custom firmware and RPi working as a bridge. There are better options than your devices in the market, but they come at a cost. As I have been setting up my first Sonoff-device, I have come across problems (discussed in this topic) that are now compelling me to pay the extra price on other brands devices and have them work directly with Homekit. This means that I will not be buying more Sonoff-devices although I had planned to do so if this first tryout had worked well.

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+ 1

+1 Please get sonOTA work on firmware 1.6

 Call me a lucky bastaard received a batch SonOff with old firmware.


I have many Sonoff devices - please get sonOTA work on firmware 1.6

Your product is great, please keep it open.


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