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full IFTTT integration for the Bridge

Right now, I can connect the bridge to the Ewelink app, and I can connect my Ewelink account to IFTTT but the only options that show up are plugs and switches.

I'd love to be able to send an email that "pushes" a button my 4-button remote, or hourly check to see if someone left the garage door open, and send me an email if it is.

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Same here: I wanted to Trigger Yeelights using Sonoff PIR and bridge, but just found out that IFTTT does not have the bridge options when listing the eWeLink device.

Without this feature, the device is practically useless to me (I didn't buy it for surveillance or anything else, I just wanted a trigger).

Also I can create a scene with the eApp but there is no timer or scheduler options (so I can activate another sonoff switch when the PIR detects the alarm, but then I cannot turn it off automatically after, say, a few minutes).

I too would like to be able to use my Sonoff RF bridge with IFTTT.

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Come on itead wake up, when do we get response to our suggestion???

any chance this getting implemented? if not I need to search different manufacturer I guess...

I tried the same as Matt above - use another sonoff switch as an intermediary: so in the app add a scene that upon a sensor signal coming in on the rf bridge turn on that switch; with the idea to use that switch as the trigger in ifttt for further actions. The switch turning on upon the rf sensor signal works but ifttt doesn't seem to get notified of the switch changing state; my ifttt task works when I manually flick the switch on but not when the scene from the ewelink app does this. WHY oh WHY.....? 

I’ve emailed iTead customer support directly to notify them of this thread and lack of support.
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