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EWELINK not connect to IFTTT

My EWELINK was well working with IFTTT last days, but for 2 or 3 days it doesn't work... When I go on IFTTT, the EWELING is not responding...?

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same issue. in Italy not work IFTTT interface.


It has been a long time since anywhere outside Europe was effected. The big crash in January was the European server. Go back and look at the time stamps; when was last non-European server crash?
Dear itead, Do you have any forecast or general information abouy the ifttt issue of the last days and a timeline for fixing? Thank you in advance!
Just to inform that all issues are fixed since about 16.00 gmt+1 I received this email: We can’t connect to your eWeLink Smart Home. Have you updated your password recently, or made some other changes? It could also be due to improvements that have been made to the service. The good news: you can fix it. Click through to reconnect. and then a link to associate again my profile... Considering this, maybe this time problem were not only itead, also ifttt had some trouble consequently. Anyway everything work back as expected.

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from 6 pm my IFTTT interface work again. Yeah


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It is not working anymore

Not worling in France at the moment...

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