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2 way switch

I want to use my sonoff 4ch pro with a physical wired switch, but when I switch the light on using the sonoff if shows on state of the relay, when I switch the light off by the physical switch the relay remains energized (on state) so in order to turn my light on again using sonoff I need to ask Alexa to turn my light off. Any way there can be a setting where regardless of whether I say on or off it just changes state of the relay?this feels a bit more natural... Even if I need to do hardware changes or change the firmware myself for a unique solution

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That's exactly how I did it, just installed bell press buttons and not normal switches.

Just have a look at installing shielded cable to the sonoff if it is far away (to prevent induced voltages - dont want to take chances frying anything, maybe it will, maybe it wont)

only thing to remember is not to keep the switch pressed in for too long as this will force the sonoff into setup mode

Thanks for the responses! Im wanting to stick to the existing switches, but at the same time add the so off to the circuit. So assume, I need to be able to change the function of the GPIO 14. There seems to be a lot of info online about doing this, but all the talk of flashing and MQTT servers is hurting my head!

Even we use bell switch, only way to use sonoff with original source code is by connect it to on/of switch at sonoff board. correct me if you have any other option without change the source code.

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