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Sonoff T1 EU replacing Motor Clockwise/ Anticlockwise?

In the past I bought myself a Motor Clockwise/Anticlockwise Running WiFi Wireless Switch Model: IM160601001 to control, in a case (see picture) a roller shutter. I was perfectly happy with this product and was willing to buy more for my other shutters. But then found out it was retired. Since then only 1 shutter is controlled by my smartphone.

Now I read about the Sonoff T1 EU: 2 Gang WiFi RF Smart Wall Touch Light Switch. This might be the solution to my problem. In my opinion I could use the 2-gang version to replace the Motor Clockwise/Anticlockwise. There is only 1 catch. When using gang 1 the power to gang 2 should automatically be cut off. And when using gang 2 the power to gang 1 should automatically be cut off as well of course. Would this be possible?

Thank you up front for your help.

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Hello :)

After a while waiting for material and time to do the work I just try it out!
It works like a charm! I am using it for a week and the functionality is just the right one.

However I have a concern. My relay gets very very hot when the two buttons of the SONOFF are turned on. Did everyone had this same problem?

I was looking up on the internet for possible causes to a relay gets hot during the operation. It seems to be a manufacturing defect, but I would love to hear your feedback :)

thanks a lot,


Sorry for keeping you waiting. I have this set up in my second house and that house is not located in the Netherlands but in Germany. We went there last weekend and returned last night.

I have checked this and the relay is room temperature. So I think something must be wrong with your relay.


no prob :)

Yes that's what I'm thinking. I will try another one :) 

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