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Sonoff switches won't connect

I've upgraded my router, and discovered that none of my devices will now connect to the new one, in Quick pairing mode it won't discover them, and in AP mode, it will discover the devices, but they won't connect, how do I get around this?

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Eli's solution might work for those who could detect the WiFi ITEAD_XXXXX for more than 7 seconds. In my case the problem was that my device could not detect the AdHoc WiFi after a few seconds. The SONOFF device would just shut it down whether I was connected or not. I found out that the problem was firmware related and I had to send the device back to the seller to get it replaced.
This is what the WiFi scanner would detect


Check out the full thread here:

Yeah, I've found that thread earlier. I went through the several forums and websites and what I found, the best solution is to change firmware :). True is, Sonoff doesn't give a shit about these things :). I've never seen any answer from them :)

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Absolutely true. I got a response from the support team on ITEAD but they advised me to get the device replaced. The time and cost to send it back to the random chinese guy I got it off Ebay does not worth the replacement on such a small device. I threw all ITEAD SONOFF switches outside the window and replaced all my devices with TP-Link and I've had zero problems since.

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What kind devices do you have from TP-Link? I'm a newbie in smart home and looking for some wall switches (without N).

HS110 is an outstanding device. I have more than 10. You'll be very happy I guarantee it. Look it up

I use a TP-Link KL130 as a smart RGB LED bulb which was a bit more expensive than the others but found out that was worth it, and a Kasa CAM which is also a bit more expensive than the XIAOMI and other chinese ones but I am more security focused with IoT Cameras and I wouldn't go for any chinese product to install in my bedroom.

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