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upgrade firmware 1.8.0

no possible to do an update of my firmware 1.7.0 to 1.8.0 from Ewelink

i got an error message : " Echec de la mise à niveau du firmware"

can you help me, what can I do exactly to do this upgrade ?

thank you 

2 people have this problem

I have tried updating from IPhone and Android. I have also tried deleting and re-adding the device and then updating. Also tried from hotspot. Still no luck. Maybe server issues. I don’t know. Any other advice anyone?
I’ll just not update after reading these. Mine are v1.6 and work without a problem. I have seen no explanation of any benefit to an upgrade. Only problems after upgrading. Has anyone upgraded and seen any benefit from it?
I was hoping it would fix the issue of frequent disconnections from the server every time I give a command to these devices.
Same problems as everyone else. Cannot upgrade firmware to 1.8 from 1.7. Stops at 90%.

close this issue.  seems to be no solution.

Hi the solution is to be at least 15 feet away ie in another room entirely when you initiate the upgrade and don;t use the wifi that the devices are connected to use your phone data , no idea why  but i suspect the proximity of the phone messes the devices signal up or something , had this issue for months then tried in another part of the house and it works fine , upgraded 4 devices with no problems

Oh wow. I haven't tried that. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try tonight and get back to you.

Intenté actualizar 2 sonoff basic y 90% parado y luego dejé de trabajar. no se encienden, no hacen nada, muertos

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