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Sonoff Switch "Network Unavilable" Problem


I have 2 Sonoff Switch

a). Sonoff Th16 (Purcchased it from Amazon UK)

b). Sonoff Simple  (Got it from Ali Express)

I have issues that in EWelink it often says "Network Unavailable" And after few minutes it start work, Some time it says offline.

All is happening automatically and kept repeating whole day.

Internet is Stable and no issues in it.

Not sure whats issue?

is there any current maintenance or Repair work going on in

Can you please check is it common for all users from last 1 week.


4 people have this problem

Hi Parambir,

It looks its their server issue and at last now they know about it and acknowledge it.

Hopefully it will be sorted out in next few days.


I have twelve (12) Sonoff devices and i am having exactly same problem. My other smart-home devices are working perfectly fine.

Since this problem has occurred, i feel like i've gone back into 20th century :( 

What makes you feel they have acknowledged and are working on it? @Haroon

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