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Sonoff TH10 temperature sensor in Google Assistant


I have a Sonoff TH 10 installed in my pellet boiler so i can see the boiler temp in the EWlink app when i´m away from home , I have  linked all my Sonoff devices to Google home assistant  everything is working fine except that i can´t see the boiler temp in Google home. so my question are, is it possible to get this function in Google? if it´s not possible with TH10 what device has this temperature function for Google?


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I agree.  Where is the temp?

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Wow, 3 months without response from Itead. Nice customer support.

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I am looking for an answer to the same question.

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Is it possible to get a anwer from ITEAD support on my question above? //Jonas

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Still no anser ?

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In the ewelink app, I can't see the temperature for the TH10 on the main screen. I have to drill down into the single device to see that detail.  But for other devices like the S31 and the POW I can see all the details for the multiple devices on the main screen without having to drill down into a single device.  Please enhance the ewelink app so that the main screen with the list of devices has extra details for the TH10 just like was already done for the S31. 

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This is not a Sonoff problem.  This is a Google problem.  Until Google adds sensors as a device type you are all out of luck.  Unless you know the details in the programming or devices and can "fake" google to see it.  If you have a Smartthings hub there are z-wave sensors you can buy and get this to work.  So 3rd part integrations are possible.  Here are some quotes from searchs ---->

Google doesn't allow pure temperature sensors. They had this option "expose as" and "google_assistant_type" to fake something to be anything else, but that is somehow removed


The problem is that these sensors can't be exposed to Google Assistant to report back the temperature and ask for questions like "What's the temperatur in the bedroom ?" because sensors are currently not handled at all.


I’ll doubt you will get the humidity and pressure working as Google has no corresponding Smart Home Device Type for that. To get the temperature sensors working you have to create generic thermostats and expose these to Google Assistant.


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I'd like to be able to use the temperature reading to trigger  other switch in order to turn on water heater, but It seams to do not work. 

I think the temperature is not available in ewelink and in IFTTT. Is it correct ?

if not, how can I use the temp of the TH10 in order to trigger other services ? 

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The temperature and humidity reporting via Google works with Sensibo so it is possible !!!

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I suggest to use Xiaomi MI platform that have plenty of sensors, that use low power zigbee protocol. Those sensors communicate via Xiaomi gateway and you can link Mi Home with Google Home at the end.

My gas boiler have a simple switch to turn it on/off and my plan is to setup a scene in MI home app to trigger a relay (I will use Aqara no N wire switch) when temperature reported from sensors drop below certain threshold. This way it will keep constant temperature, plus I will be able to trigger it manually as well.

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