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Sonoff POW R2 Energy monitor drops to 0 on new update 3.3

I bought 6 sonoff devices and I tried upgrading to 3.3.0 on one device. The energy monitor most of the time doesn't work. It's like stuck to 0 Watt or whatever the last number is there.  Sometimes it just drops to 0 Watt even when the AC is working. 

I'm not upgrading the other devices. How can I revert to previous firmware to fix this? 

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With last pow r2 firmware 3.3.1 and last ewelink app, refresh of pow data are not in real time like older 2.8.x firmware. When I open it app show old value for 30-40 sec, then refresh data for 20sec then stop update...I wait new firmware!!!

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Ewelink update data every 40sec when phone are out of sonoff LAN connection, See video... Not good :-S

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I have the same problem every 40 seconds except that I have orange shit "network not available". Just the application does not refresh, you have to do it manually. The tragedy next month wait for patches. He doesn't understand why they can't go back to 2.8.0

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Has this been resolved yet? Mine stopped working. Nothing seems to fix it.
Today support reply to my help request on new firmware, I send my screen record... I'm waiting for reply.

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Just ask them to rename firmware 2.8.0 as 3.3.2

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