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"Threshold timer/delay"

im using a SONOFF POW 2 to turn my computer on with (bios is set to "power on when reciving power") my Google home assistent i say "hey google, power on my pc, and it powers on the SONOFF POW 2 that is connected to the computers PSU

so when i power down my computer it uses less than 2 wattage, so i set a minium wattage threshold (OPS) to 3 watts, and it works, when i turn off the computer about 30 seconds or so the sonoff powers off, but when i turn on the sonoff it goes on for about 0.5 seconds then powers off again, im gussing its because the computer takes a second to start all its components, and so sonoff sees that it does not use any watts for that 0.5 seconds

My Feature Request, is to add a "timer" or  "delay" to the OPS Threshold that i could customize my self (from 1 seconds all the way upto like 60 sceonds or so)

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Exactly the same issue here, the exact same usage.

Exactly the same issue, I really need this feature to implement.

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