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Pairing doesńt work with GK-200MP2-B

all was done like described, but pairing doesn‘t work. And there is no manual.

I never bought such a worse and bad described product.

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I see it as a problem between a chair and a table.
and possibly you have a problem between your ears.

I was able to pair as long as the ethernet was plugged in but not using wifi.  I was hoping once paired that there would be a setting to connect to wifi and I could unplug the ethernet but I see no way to do that. :(

Thanks Richard, same to me. I can access the cam via LAN, but no connection to WiFi. I get the advice, to pair via hotspot from another softphone. I'll report, if it works

I tried and could not get it to work.


I was finally able to get both cameras connected using the sound pairing. (cover your ears) Did they send you a video?  They sent me one and after 5 tries I was successful.  Next I will try to connect them to an nvr using the RTSP Link.


Hi Richard, I was searching for topics related to NVR, and this topic was returned from the search result. We were planning to buy this Sonoff wifi ip camera, but we have no idea what type/brand of NVR should we use to make things work. Any recommendations? We're trying to get rid of the wiring using analog cameras. Thanks in advance!

I believe at the time being ewelink is having much problem with the cam. Yes.. it fails to connect to wifi using wifi connection but work using the sound wave (strange) Using cable is even more difficult to setup. Furthermore, should the cam turn off or losing signal/IP it will not be able to connect back to the apps. This will require a cam reset which is painful to do (take off the wall, bring down, set up, and put it back up. The weirdest thing is should you have RTSP connected to your IVR you will see that the cam is actually running and feeding the stream out. Just the ewelink won't be able to see it.


Any answer from Sonoff ? Got the same problem. No pairing in Wifi, only with LAN. What is the solution ?

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