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all my sonoff are down. LAN operation works,

all my sonoff are down. LAN operation works, 

I am in europe,

this starts yesterday 14.1.2022

my internet conenction is OK

I tried 2 internet providers and mobile one, sonoff are not registred , as application ewelink is not conencted

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same here

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Same here! I am from Hungary.

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Same here. I am from Hungary.

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South Africa here, Same problem, Ewelink application saying connecting and all devices flashing twice.

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I spent the last 2 days trying to diagnose this strange issue. At the beginning I thought there is a problem from my end so I changed my router - rebooted all devices - delete all devices then added them again . Nothing worked so far .

All Sonoff EU servers are online and responding with no problems to PING and TRACERT commands .  

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email from Sonoff Support team:

EWeLink team monitored that the service jitter occurred at around 10 pm European time, January 13th and January 14th.

Now they have found out that the root cause is that our server capacity and scaling strategy is not sufficient to process the giant burst requests around 10 pm, which are generated by a large number of device timers, automated scenes, and other device controls.

EWeLink team is already working on server expansion and restarting the service one after another, it is expected to take some time to fully recover.

Sincerely apologize again and we value everyone's complaints and feedback, please give us some time to work on it, we will notify you as soon as the service is restored. 

Problem is not on our side but on Ewelink server side. They are working on restoring the service now

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 I am in France.

I have the same problem. 4 products Ewelink are off line. Lan operation is ok.

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Same problem since 2 days, all my devices are offline. France too.

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Seems to have been and still is an ongoing problem for the last couple of days here in the UK. However I now know to leave my devices alone and just.........wait! Have wasted too much time in the past trying to fault problems on my own network, only to find its a server issue.

The same problem in the CZE. All device offline since the night. Hoping they solve the problem fast.

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Same problem from Italy.

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Same here in Finland. Some devices online for some time usually all offline.


I have the same problem since 2 days ago, i have more than 30 devices trying to connect without success. 

The problem is that the behavior of devices is getting weird and switching on at night while sleeping. 

Do you have any plan to solve it? 



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In Poland too.  2 x blinking - no contact with server

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