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Device triggering off since 3.6.0

For some reason two of my sonoff mini 2 have started to switch off by itself. On one device (with fw 3.6.0 ) it started on the 16th. Another device (with fw 3.6.0) it stated on the 8th. Not sure why and how to proceed to get it fixed or debug

Mine has started switching off and on by itself, but it doesn't change the status on the app (the app's log won't register this status change). Is it the same thing that is happening to you?

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Nope, it register as triggered by the device.

Guilherme Wood, mine is same as yours.

It is happening in all my units now. Very annoying. I switched off the main power to the units now, will wait for some minutes and try again. I have heard that some people are using small capacitors connecting both switch wires, but I don't know if that is the case here since the app does not recognize a change of state on the units.

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Estou com 06 dispositivos sonoff TX, após a atualização todos estão desligando sozinhos. Ainda não sei como resolver.

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